Year 2...

"Holy shit, I moved across the country 2 years ago today." - Me.

This week, 2 years ago, Jamie and I woke up to what would be any other typical sunny California morning to an empty apartment. Except on this morning we could not have felt more out of place. We slept on a air mattress, had no idea where anything was and the pressure of getting it figured out quickly was upon us. What else were we do to do? Go get coffee.

This was the first photo I took as a Santa Monica citizen...

This was the first photo I took as a Santa Monica citizen...

From there we decided to go max out my credit card on buying a bed and max out her Target card buying all the stupid shit you need for a home...such as tupperware, bath room rugs, extension cords, cleaning supplies etc. Such a bummer to see how much all it cost and realize you are an adult. There was nothing fun on this receipt...but I do love having tupperware for left overs.

But, that was year one. This year was all about figuring out who we are and exploring our surrounding. We kicked the year off celebrating with friends and getting too drunk to remember! We drove up the coast to San Fransisco and it took forever! Someone broke in, I got promoted and we saw the Phillies lose to the Dodgers. I got stuck in the airport for 2 days, we found Randy’s donuts and stayed in an airstream in the middle of Malibu.

I was able to start recording with bands and play shows in historic venues like Whiskey A Go-Go, The Mint and The Viper Room. We found Marty McFly’s house and hung out at the Pawnee Municipal building…its in Pasadena…not Indiana. We became Disneyland Passholders and have gone as often as possible…celebrating most holidays and birthdays there. I even spent Back to the Future day there and then watched all three movies back to back. 

We have explored museums, found Santa Barbara and Laguna Beach. We almost died on a mountain and found some of our favorite restaurants. We were able to catch Back to the Future on the big screen at The Hollywood Bowl with a full orchestra. My mom and sister came for a visit and Jamie and Liv got piercings in Venice…that then got infected and neither of them currently have them in. Met Travis Barker our from of their show at the Roxy. I was able to shoot a music video with a band and I even got to see The Movielife in Ponoma for their reunion show. 

We have made a lot of memories this year, while experiencing the up’s, downs and b-sides of what life has to offer. I look forward to seeing where we are next year…and how many more memories we can make.