Airstream Adventuring...

We set out on an adventure and found it. 



This year Jamie and I have made a commitment to continue our adventurous ways. We will schedule as many trips or over-nights, within our budget, at least once a month...if we can. 

Over the last year we uprooted our lives and moved 3,000 miles away from everything comfortable. We have seen our fair share of setbacks, poverty and have remained positive to come out on top. Now that we have laid a thin layer of roots down in Southern California we felt it is time to start seeing what was at our fingertips.

This past weekend we found an Airstream camper in the middle of nowhere on AirBNB. It was within our budget, close enough to home and just the right about of danger…or adventure…that we were comfortable with. As we pulled into the farm-like gates we were a little confused. Didn’t we move away from the country? I thought LA was a city? Evidently Malibu can get very country, very quickly. We found ourselves roaming scenic, winding roads until we finally found our destination. A scruffy mountain-man on an ATV greeted us with two humongous, matted rescue dogs as we pulled on a dirt path with our 2004 Ford Focus...not the ideal mountaineering car. But she is trusty.

“Hi! I am Matt and this is Jam…” I shouted from the rolled down drivers side window being cut off by his roaring, scratchy voice. He was trying to project his voice over his engine with a careless “Yeah, That’s great, kid! Follow that dirt path up about a mile!" Pointing aimlessly "You’ll find it! If you don’t, you’re a moron!” He cackled and drove off. "Welp, up that dirt path we go." As we shrugged at each other. Jamie and I found ourselves scaling this dirt path, on the side of a cliff at about a 45 degree angle. I caressed the dashboard and wiped the sweat from my brow exclaiming "Okay, Ol' Trusty. We have been through a lot, but please make it up this mountainside! Don't die on me now!" Our car engine was revving so hot that it sounded like it was going to fall out. Jamie looked to her right out the passenger side window as our tires spun inches away from what would certainly be our death if we made a wrong move. A pack of wild goats, no joke, I wish I had a picture, greeted us as we reach the top and then scampered off. A rounding curve led us directly to our home for the night.

This is called ‘glamping.’ A mix of the word glamour and camping, I assume. When you go on a camping adventure, but have most the amenities of home. This thing was running hot water, electricity, a refrigerator, shower, septic system, full oven and breathtaking view of the Santa Monica mountains. Our white-haired, scruffy host eventually made his way up the mountain on his ATV to greet us, his fellow scruffy friends by his side.  Without missing a beat he started with “Now, if you see any big black shadows moving around in the middle of the night don't be scared. It’s not the devil or a bear. It’s just the horses scrounging around.” I paused for a minute and followed excitedly with “You have wild horses roaming around here?” I asked as he replied with a short “You calling my horses wild?” I immediately shut up and let him show us in.

We unpacked, especially our cooler of beer and took a walk through Backbone Trail located right off our front door. For the rest of the night we unplugged playing Trivial Pursuit (which I lost), cooked a camping stew, listening to oldies and laughing together. Having no TV is a blessing. We often get so wrapped up in our daily that we forget to have a conversation.

To our surprise it rained overnight resulting a cloudy, misty morning as we shared coffee, staring out to the fresh, green hills littered with bright foliage and boulders. 

This ready to party...

This ready to party...


Side-note: It started raining right after this photo was taken and we immediately started playing Uno...and quickly turned it into a drinking was 9am. 





The Nose Ring...

Holy shit! I think you ripped it out!” Jamie screeched in my direction. “My bad.” Trying to subdue my laughter.

Recently my family came to visit for the week. My mothers first trip out to Southern California to see the life her son and girlfriend had made for themselves. My sisters first trip to LA as an adult. This is a big moment for our family and we were all thrilled. Not to mention Philadelphia is 12 degrees and covered in snow so it is a nice break from the "Polar Vortex" they are currently experiencing. 

Oh, ya know, just hanging at the tattoo shop with my mom. That is blood on my sister's shirt...

Oh, ya know, just hanging at the tattoo shop with my mom. That is blood on my sister's shirt...

We had a few ideas planned for their trip and taking them to see the chaos Venice Beach offers was a must. I don’t know what it is but every time family comes to visit, we go a little crazy. In the infamous words of the famed Canadian actor-turned-rapper-turned-actor Drake...YOLO. Case in point, last time Jamie’s parents came for a visit she and her mother decided to get tattoos one afternoon. Why not? When they’re 2-for-1 you’d be an idiot to pass up that kind of deal. This time around it was Jamie and my baby sister who decided to get piercings. Surprisingly, but not really too surprisingly, my mother instigated the whole thing. She cheered them on from the sidelines and paid for it all. Way to go, Mom!

A few days passed and they headed back east. Jamie still had to nurse the fresh hole in her nose so it wouldn't get infected. I came home from work one night and our dog, Piper, greeted me by running around, jumping excitedly and accidentally knocking things over as she does. This creates an effect on the house and we all started rough housing.  Jamie and I went to pick up Piper at the same time when my left hand perfectly grazed Jamie's face, fingernail first meeting the faux-diamond-topped piercing sitting on the side of her right nostril. The piercing now stuck under my fingernail was ripped out of her nose with one swoop....accidentally of course. 

The scream of pain that came out of her next is still ringing in my ears. "You dick! What the fuck!" Followed by a string of obscenities that I couldn't make out as she ran for the bathroom. Blood running out of the inside and outside of her nose life a faucet. It was everywhere. I pulled the toilet paper off the roll and handed it to her to stop the rushing blood. “You are such a moron! Why would you do that! My nose!” And I just took it...laughing on the inside. "Yeah, I know, I'm a bastard." I agreed and apologized.

We got her patched up and she iced it down. She eventually got the ring back in her nose a few hours later as she shot eye-daggers from the couch I was not allowed to sit on now. 

Important safety tip: refrain from rough housing with a tiny, furry dog when you have a fresh nose piercing. It could end in disaster.




When I Grow Up...

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris

Hi, my name is Matt, I am 27 years old and I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up...and that's okay. 

See? What the hell am I doing here?

See? What the hell am I doing here?

It is my hope that someone out there read that and sighed with relief. Don't let anyone fool you, most of us have no idea what we want to do. Some of us may think we know what we want to do but I don't know if anyone ever really has it figured out. And if you're reading this and you did know what you wanted and you're so successful please comment below to help the rest of us.

Reflecting on the last year or so I am coming to realizations in my life. First is that life rules. I have countless people in my life that I am grateful for. I live by the beach (let that sink in) in Santa Monica with beautiful girlfriend (and now a tiny pomeranian with a jaw problem; see below), my family fully supports me from 48 states away, I have a job I love and hobbies I love even more, health, and I ride my beach cruiser to work. Even after reflecting on all that I can't help but wonder what's next?

I'm not worried about failing as much as I worry about understanding the chances that could lead to...something. Failure or success. Am I keeping my eye out for opportunities that are right in front of me? Am I doing everything I can to put myself "out there" (wherever that is) to meet new people, see new places and fully take advantage of the world around me. Am I putting too much pressure on myself to "change the world" or should I start by changing one small thing at a time? 

If you have read this far into this post thank you. I hope that you feel relieved that someone in the world feels the same way you do. Hopefully someone feels this way and I am not a total loser...but what the hell this is my blog...fuck it. And...that being said...this is incredibly personal. But...once again this is my what the hell. 

Let's take a risk today. And tomorrow. And the next day after that. Let's start small by smiling at someone new, take a moment to slow down some careless interaction like buying coffee and look at it from another perspective. Compliment someone's shirt who knows maybe they will offer you a job or be your best friend in 10 years. Take an alternate route to work, school or the store and see what's there. Make everyday count. I have to continually remind myself to live in the moment. Plan for tomorrow but live for today. 

I may not know what I want to do when I grow up but let's have good time trying to figure it out.

Does any of this make sense?  



This one Las Vegas...we made a short film...

I moved to California almost a year ago. The transition was rough in the beginning. My girlfriend and I didn't know any one in the state...and it's a pretty big state. We were broke from the expenses of travel across the country and stressed wondering about what the hell we were doing. This is when my phone rang.

Chris called me to let me know he was going to be in Las Vegas (a "short" 5 hour bus ride from LA). This is the perfect opportunity I was secretly looking for to forget about what I was supposed to be doing (setting up my life) and go play with my friends in the desert. We discussed the concept of a Bond-eske short film over an even shorter phone call and when we pulled in the the Vegas bus station Chris was waiting there in a red Mustang. "The rental place gave away my actual car, so I got this!" Not a bad trade off. I threw my bag in the trunk, jumped in the front seat (sorry/thanks Becca) and we drove directly to a tuxedo rental shop off the strip. The film attached is the result of putting ourselves in weird situations throughout the city to create something we wanted to see...and yes...I wore that tux all day...even at lunch.

Please check it out and let us know what you think!